Executive coach Pamela Boumeester

Pamela Boumeester

To me, coaching is an exploratory journey to yourself. Coaching can help you discover that you really want something different. You can transport the baggage to a different domain. I encourage my coachees to think from a sense of abundance: ‘What else am I capable of? Who am I, really?’ This is uncomfortable and disquieting, but it will give you so much. Such as that job, interim role or new portfolio which you didn’t even know you wanted.”

Pamela Boumeester is a very experienced management executive who combines her strong business sense with a clear intuition. She’s plainspoken and puts her money where her mouth is. She has no time for clichés and management textbook language, including in CVs. Especially in CVs. Because stating clearly what you want will allow you to discover your dreams and goals. Pamela is persistent and to the point, with just one goal: for her coachee to gain clear insights.

Pamela spent twenty years with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen in various managerial positions. In 2009, she chose to apply her experience as supervisor and advisor to many companies – and as a coach to top executives. Currently, Pamela is chairman of the board of Vebego, a member of the board of Heijmans, chairman of the board of H&S, member of the board WPG Uitgevers, Board of the Enterprise Chamber, member of STAK MerweOord.