A lot is expected of you at the top of an organisation. The pressure is high. The feeling of loneliness can be significant. Making uncertainties negotiable is often difficult. It is nice to have someone on your side to do this with. Or who will hold up a mirror to you, because there are fewer people who do this at the top of the hierarchy.


We support people and organisations during important transitions. Transitions in their careers, their leadership or in the developments of their organisation. Leadership is not just about what you do or how, but also about who you are. We coach people at the top of organisations, where good leadership is crucial, and the impact is greatest. Because the functioning of the top affects the entire organisation.


Coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve performance and well-being. This applies to top athletes, but just as well to top executives.

Executive coaching is not without obligation. It requires involvement. Courage to be vulnerable. Commitment to reach your goal. QUIST is one of the top executive coaching firms in the Netherlands. We work with experienced coaches (our Inner Circle) who all have experience at the top of large organisations. They are used to being responsible – previously in executive roles, now as a supervisor and director. They know what it feels like to be constantly ‘available’, and what it takes to get back to yourself.