Board Evaluation


A well-functioning Board is essential for the success of any organisation. No matter how obvious this may sound, an optimal composition and cooperation rarely emerge by accident. Also, new laws and regulations require professionalisation of supervision. It is always difficult to credibly evaluate your own performance. An objective externally facilitated process can offer a solution.

QUIST Board Evaluation focuses on the highest bodies in an organisation (Board of Directors, Supervisory Board). The focus of a Board Evaluation is on the mutual relationships and cooperation within the Board and the required professional knowledge. In addition, QUIST evaluates the interaction with the Executive Board.

Our focus is on identifying areas for improvement, if necessary, by creating a list of action points with specific goals and deadlines. A Board Evaluation is a learning experience resulting in a more effective Board.

The 4 steps of Board Evaluation

Our evaluation method is based on the trinity head, heart, and gut. The head represents reasoning, the heart represents feeling, the gut represents conscience. This approach results in a business view as well as human view of the functioning of the individual and the group.
QUIST Board Evaluation method is based on the trinity head, heart, and gut

1. Fact finding

Together with the client, we will choose the participants in the evaluation. They will receive a validated questionnaire. The outcome of the questionnaire is discussed in individual discussions with all those directly involved.
The chairman of the Board is usually the key person for us in this evaluation process. With the chairman, we will discuss the process, the objectives, any sensitivities or areas of special attention.

2. Feedback

The core of the evaluation consists of a feedback session with the chairman of the Board. On request, additional feedback sessions can be organised with the entire Supervisory Board and with the Executive Board.

3. Reporting Board Evaluation

In addition to the feedback sessions, we will summarise our findings and recommendations in a written report.

4. Duration

A Board Evaluation typically takes two months to complete.

Our experience covers working with Boards of (listed) companies and non-profit organisations.

Our Board Evaluators

Our evaluators have more than earned their stripes in business, consultancy and legal practice. They are also experienced directors and supervisors. They use this experience for the Board Evaluation.