Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

An investment in yourself

A practical tool for obstacles in to your work and career

As an executive, administrator, partner or key manager, you are largely on your own. Amid the bustle of your day-to-day responsibilities, it’s often difficult to spend time thinking about important issues of a different order: questions about life, work and performance.

You might gain less enjoyment in your work, or become less effective, as these issues and uncertainties gnaw at the back of your mind. You harvest enough recognition and success, but they are undermined by your doubts.
In other cases, our clients have completely different needs: they’ve landed at a new level of the organisation, where different unwritten rules apply and different behaviour is expected. Non-compliance with these informal standards can create static, and eventually conflicts over the long term.

In any case, your employer has invested quite a bit in your development, and wants you to function optimally. Are you able to bring your performance to the desired level, and is that actually what you want? Do you even know what you want?

Setting the course with renewed self confidence

In cases like these, an expert’s listening ear can offer support.
Quist Executive Coaches offer even more than that: a focused process to bring clarity to these existential and practical questions. An inspiring professional sounding board will help you develop a guideline you can use to set a new course with renewed self-confidence. He knows what he wants again.

The executive coaching process

The executive coaching process is always determined by the individual need, and is therefore custom tailored to the specific case.

Characteristics Executive Coaching process

  • performance-oriented, using concrete objectives
  • focus on real-world practice, but can also deal with personal and career issues
  • average of eight sessions over six months
  • sometimes it may help to extend the sessions for another period
  • introduction to one of the QUIST coaches following intake

Executive Coaching is a useful instrument for a wide range of situations that the administrator, senior executive, partner or key manager may face over the course of their career, such as:

New appointment to top level position

Coaching for the first hundred days as CEO, CFO or other ‘C-suite’ role.

Experience has shown that the leader’s behaviour over the first hundred days can make the difference between success and failure. With a QUIST coach at your side, you’ll delay the necessity of choosing allies in the new environment, and you’ll be able to create wise lines of communication.

Conflict management with commissioners or fellow board members

How can you prevent a difference of opinion regarding the business from becoming a clash of personalities? And how can you prevent a confrontation from becoming a conflict? All while achieving the desired results?

Learning effective leadership in your first general management position

An up-and-coming young 40-something newly promoted to general management ‘suddenly’ has to display different behaviour than he/she had become accustomed to: trading assertiveness for wisdom.

Reduced performance: the employer has observed that the senior manager is becoming less effective

The individual has worked at the company for a long time, and has earned respect for their expertise. Now the company wants to get them in shape to fill leadership positions for years to come.

‘Wear and tear’ after 20+ years at the same company; rediscovering focus and enjoyment in the work

This midlife malaise will hit almost everyone sooner or later. It’s important to uncover the causes together with a wise coach, and then to find the solutions.

Considering a career move: inside or outside your current company?

As an extension of the above: first determine what your real goals are in your career and your life, and then see if they can be realised within the company. A process involving both the head and the heart!