Executive coach John Jaakke

John Jaakke

“I use my own experience in my coaching. I have been there, in the kitchen, and stirred the pots. I know what it’s like to have to make difficult decisions, and have often felt the lonely position of the decision maker. The road has not always been easy, but it did gift me with huge amounts of insights and experiences. I use these experiences to help executives on their career path. Two important aspects of my coaching process are strong self awareness and the courage to display vulnerability.”

Decades of experience as a director have given John first-hand experience of what it’s like at the highest levels of business management. At the same time, he possesses an empathetic and engaged personality. Because of this, his approach as a coach is calm, clear and decisive. Independent, unbiased, but always with contagious drive and optimism – this is how he hands his coachees the tools to find their inner resilience and pragmatism.

John began his career with SHV, and was a corporate lawyer and M&A specialist for over twenty years. He was CEO of law firm Van Doorne in Amsterdam for many years. Currently, he is a self-employed ‘trusted advisor’ of companies and shareholders. A.o., John is the chairman of Eredivisie CV, the CEO of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (NBE) and the chairman of the Board of the Hoogvliet Groep.