Executive coach Dries van der Vossen

Dries van der Vossen

I have learned that careers don’t just make themselves. As a former marine I know that sometimes, you have to face rough times. The trick is to keep your head down and persevere. A helping hand from an experienced coach will make all the difference. Whichever stage of your career you are at – a mentor can give you just that little push in the right direction. At the start of your career, it is nice to hear that it’s ok to make mistakes, and to be taught how to correct them.

Aside from years of management experience, Dries knows like no other how to revitalise brands and people. His strength is curiosity, and a genuine interest in what drives people. Dries strongly believes that ten minutes of listening does more than an hour of talking about yourself. He knows how to stimulate his coachees’ strengths and how to advise on a new direction of their role or career.

Dries van der Vossen was CEO of Bilderberg Hotels for fifteen years. Prior to this, he worked with, among others, Leaseplan and GE Capital. As of 2017 he applies his skills to advisory functions, board directorships, and coaching programmes. Dries is also a director of K+K Hotels.