Executive coach Dorine Wekking

Dorine Wekking

“What drives me is to enable people to connect with themselves and use their inner power to shine. The coach’s job throughout this process is not just to advise, but also to mirror. Coachees already have their own answers deep inside them, but sometimes they’re hesitant to trust in them. I support them on this journey. Simultaneously, each process teaches me something as well. Each coaching conversation is a present for me, too.”

Dorine has vast experience in guiding executive careers: as a former HR director she is well familiar with the context, pitfalls and vulnerable moments. She can enable coachees to find the power and inspiration to make the correct next step by using the connections between “head, heart and gut.” This focussed approach allows her to speed up the search process. In her view, coaching does not need to take place between four walls. She loves to invite her coachees for a walk through the forest or on the beach: the perfect way to get closer to your feelings.

Dorine began her career with Shell, in various line and HR positions. After Deloitte New York and HR functions with KPN she became HR director and a member of the Executive Board of Aon in 2009. Beside her work as executive coach, Dorine is also a commissioner of the Hema, British Telecom Nederland, and vice chairman of the Board of the Reinier Haga Groep. Additionally, she is chairman of the branch association Revalidatie Nederland.