Team Coaching


With different personalities, insights and ways of doing business, each team is unique. Working well together is often difficult within many organisations. Do you want all members of your team to genuinely commit to the same goal? Do you want to make decisions more quickly and better? Or simply function more efficiently? You can achieve this with team coaching.

A team that does not work well together has no clout. A lack of opposition within the team means a lack of required tension. Whether it concerns employees who deal with each other on a daily basis, a management board or a supervisory board, the key to close teamwork is often clear communication. With Team Coaching, we work towards an open atmosphere where people feel free and safe to share their opinions and be open to the input of others.

What to expect from Team Coaching

Team Coaching is all about connecting interests. The team members must agree on the common goal together. However, this does not mean that everyone has the same individual goal. The QUIST coach helps the team to set goals and act accordingly.


The 5 characteristics of QUIST Team Coaching

1. Coaching by experienced experts

Our coaches have years of experience as senior executives. They have lead businesses and teams and understand the dynamics of a team, how you build trust and perform together.

2. Better communication and fresh energy

The QUIST coach teaches team members to listen to each other without rigidly maintaining their own opinion. And also, how to create the right open atmosphere for this as a manager.

3. Team members who contribute to the result

The goal of Team Coaching is for every member of the team to function optimally and to feel valued. Only in this way, the team can make a positive contribution to the joint goal of the organisation.

4. Improving decision making

Coming to a well-supported decision will no longer be a struggle for your team. Trust and respect is created. Team members will feel free and safe to express their ideas, ensuring everyone is fully engaged and contributes at their best.

5. Coaching until the goal is achieved

The team coaching continues until the agreed result has been achieved.