Jan & Jan

Jan & Jan

The daily management of QUIST Executive Coaches is in the hands of Jan Quist and Jan Alberdingk Thijm.

Jan Quist

In 2000, Jan Quist founded the company, from the belief that careers do not manage themselves. The first 20 years usually go smoothly – then the roadblocks will appear: demands change, the individual changes, the goals of the organisation change. Your style and approach do not seem to work anymore. The transition towards a new style of leadership, sometimes to a new job or another company may be hard to achieve by yourself. You will need to find the strengths and dedication within yourself. As a coach, my aim is to guide executives through the minefield that a corporate career is.

‘To guide executives at the highest levels of organisations through transitions. That is what we are good at. As a coach, I truly enjoy how people (re)discover themselves. When it seems as if good fortune has turned its back on you in your career, the hand of a professional outsider may be crucial. To be working towards new goals with structure and inspiration, and then achieve them – I see it happen on a daily basis.’

Jan’s strength lies in knowledge of people, linked to personal experience. Guided by intuition more than by clear objectives, Jan’s career followed an uncharted path though UNHCR, Mees Pierson and Rabobank. At the age 0f 45 he found a new direction, as coach and Managing Partner of QUIST. He finds great satisfaction in seeing many executives making a new step in their careers. In 2019, Jan published his first book: Skiën in de mist (Skiing in the mist).

Jan Alberdingk Thijm

According to Jan Alberdingk Thijm, partner at QUIST, there are many reasons why people seek out a coach. It might be that you want to get better at something, or you want to overcome a hurdle or setback. Or maybe you need a sounding board, someone who helps you reflect. Whatever the reason, the common denominator is that people seek positive change. It can take courage to work with a coach, or maybe not so much, but it’s always a first step towards new insights, new leadership behaviour and growth. Good coaching will give people more energy and job satisfaction. Besides better results for you and your organisation, coaching usually leads to a happier private life too.

‘Although we might sometimes see evidence of the opposite, I truly believe in the general goodness of people. We all have an abundance of talent and positive power. The question is much more why don’t we live up to our potential? Working with people and helping them discover what’s holding them back or standing in their way, followed by a liberating breakthrough, is amazingly rewarding.’

Jan Alberdingk Thijm has been active in the area where people, performance and organisations meet for over 25 years. Prior to joining QUIST, Jan was Chief HR Officer with Nutreco, Corporate Director HR & Development and Global Talent Director with SHV Holdings, Managing Director with Russell Reynolds Associates, and strategy consultant with Boer & Croon. Jan started his career in management positions with Shell.