Is QUIST a good fit for me?

Is QUIST a good fit for me?

The best way to find out if we are a good fit is to have a personal conversation. We usually work for directors, executives, partners and managers  who are able to reflect on themself and on how they function. The following examples give an idea of the coaching questions we often deal with:

“After 20 years with the company, I’ve just been informed that I have to look for another job”

Over the next few months, you’ll have to play simultaneous chess on three boards: negotiating for a good exit package, finish what you’re working on right now and leave in good harmony with the organisation. And last but not least: you’ll also have to find a new job. QUIST can help you through this lonely process. We will assist you in looking to the future, but first we’ll guide you through the first two issues. Our Career Switch Coaching model is an ingenious and inspiring process for finding the right new place for you in the job market.

“After 10 years abroad, I want to go back to the Netherlands so that my children can finish secondary school there. But my company doesn’t have any openings at my level in the country”

If you’ve been away from the Netherlands for a long time, then you’ll probably have trouble navigating the Dutch job market and business world. Your knowledge and networks may have grown rusty. QUIST’s careful planning and expansive network can help you find your way again. Experience working for a multinational abroad is valued in the Netherlands, but offering that experience needs to be done correctly, and in the right doses.

“I think I’m ready for the next step in my career, but my employer thinks otherwise”

After working for the same company for 20 years, you might find that there’s no more room to grow: your employer knows what they have in you, and you know what you have on your employer. You’re in your mid-40s, you’ve set your sights on a seat in the Board of Directors, and now you want to take a step in that direction. But your employer is hesitant, seems to be running out the clock, or has a hidden agenda. In that case, the decision to part ways is usually in the interest of both parties. If you want a breath of fresh air, then you have to get up and go outside! A QUIST Career Switch process and the switch to a new job is often just the breath of fresh air you need: “I should have done that sooner!”.

“I’ve just been appointed to my 5th position within the company, at a challenging level. Until now, everything has gone smoothly, but now I’m running into all sorts of obstacles”

The behaviour needed to reach the top in a company isn’t the same behaviour that’s expected once you’ve arrived there. Now you need to display a certain distance, patience, wisdom and mildness. Executive Coaching can help you understand the effects your actions have on others. You’ll learn how to play the game at the top of your organisation with precision.

“My work gives me less energy than I invest in it”

After years of hard work, some executives unexpectedly find themselves in a position that simply isn’t right for them. You take on every task with the same energy and ambition that you’ve always had, but it seems as if the magic is gone. Things don’t run as smoothly as before, and you don’t enjoy your work anymore. In that case, the problem is probably more than just a temporary dip. You’ve found yourself in a position that simply isn’t right for you. QUIST can help you examine what’s wrong, exactly, and what you need to do about it.

“I want to leave my current job, but I have no idea which direction I can or should turn to”

After 20 or 25 years working in the same company or sector, it may seem like you’re suffering from a kind of tunnel vision. You know very little about the world outside. But before you start applying to every opportunity in sight (‘what is possible?’), you need to identify what it is you actually want (‘what is desirable?’). Identifying your motivations and goals, and then realising them with persistence and inspiration, is a process that requires the guidance of a good coach.