With their years of experience at the top of the business world, the QUIST coaches have thoroughly mastered the craft of coaching. That makes them the natural partner in dialogue with an obvious value for you as an executive: they know what it’s like at the top, and they know the value and responsibility of the coach behind the man or woman occupying the position.

The QUIST coaches know the unwritten rules at the top of the job market like the back of their hand. They also know what it means to suddenly find yourself moved aside from a leadership position. What it takes to pick yourself up again and keep moving towards your goal. Realistic, determined and inspired – with a QUIST coach at your side.

You can rely on a circle of people with authority, based on their experience working at the top of the business world or government and their wide perspective. They are eager to share their life experience, wisdom and strength with people of the same calibre.

Our seasoned coaches are professional sparring partners

The executive coaches form the so called Inner Circle around the QUIST leadership. They have held senior positions themselves, and know the problems and solitude one experiences at the top. In addition to serving as executive coaches, they also hold positions such as consultants, commissioners and supervisory board members. They have the broad and deep expertise needed to stand by you as a professional sparring partner.


A good relationship with the right coach

Our executive coaches are eager to share their wisdom and experience with you. They ask critical questions, suggest ideas, hold up a mirror, share their experiences and often offer unexpected perspectives. They coach from both a business and a personal perspective. After a careful selection process, you will be brought together with one of our coaches, so that you can feel at home with them and build a good relationship.

Door Plantenga

A goal-oriented no-nonsense coach.

John Jaakke

John knows the ropes at the top of the corporate world.


Jan Berent Heukensfeldt Jansen

An experienced administrator and coach.

Dries van der Vossen

Executive coach and experienced CEO, commissioner.


Inge Brakman

Executive coach and versatile supervisor

Jan Quist

Large dose of knowledge of human nature in combination with personal experience.


Engelhardt Robbe

Engelhardt is an energetic executive coach.