Career Switch Coaching


Have you been asked to leave your company after twenty years? Are you returning to the Netherlands after an expat assignment, to discover your employer does not have a suitable next position for you? Or have you simply realised your current career is no longer as fulfilling as it used to be and you have no idea what to do next? These are all situations where Career Switch Coaching can help. QUIST offers structure and inspiration in the solitary process of looking for a new job.


Een new challenge

Careers have become journeys during which you will move through several employers and positions. While your wishes and desires align with the needs of your employer there is a match. When not it is wise to start looking for new challenges. A good coach can be an essential guide during these transitions.

Losing your job

Whether the initiative was yours or you have been asked to leave, losing your job is a major life event that can cause stress and anxiety. The risk of acting too quickly or too carelessly is very real. Coming to terms with your new reality is crucial before you can move on.

What to expect from Career Switch Coaching

In the Career Switch Coaching process, the emphasis is on critical self-analysis. Before entering the market to find a new job, you need to understand yourself. What are your ambitions, dreams and life goals? Which criteria should the next job meet? At the end of the process, you will have come to know yourself and you will step out into the world with purpose.

The approach

Together with your coach, you will be looking critically at yourself and your personal and professional ambitions. You will design a clear and goal-oriented plan to approach the job market. We will work together for as long as you need us.



The 6 steps of Career Switch Coaching

1. Self-analysis

By writing and discussing your self-analysis, you will gain insights in your background, motives, talents, skills, ambitions and competencies. This results in a deepened understanding of what brought you where you are today and what you need in moving on.

2. Psychologist and choice of coach

After a number of conversations, including with a psychologist affiliated with QUIST, we choose the coach that suits you best. In your conversations with your coach, which take place on a regular basis, you will move from the thinking phase to the action phase.

3. Creating a profile

The choice for a particular direction has been made. Now your CV (and your LinkedIn profile) must be adjusted and your ‘sales pitch’ formulated and practised. Together with your coach, you will draw up a plan of action and map out relevant networks.

4. Networking

Then you take your story out in the world. To head hunters, decision-makers in your chosen sector, to your own contacts and to the QUIST Outer Circle. The Outer Circle consists of a network of top executives from the business community and the public sector. They will provide you with feedback on your plans, offer ideas and suggestions.

5. Acting methodically

It is very important that you act methodically in this phase. You will network towards your goal carefully, focused and with a consistent story. The QUIST coach will continually assist you by providing feedback in a critical, professional and inspiring manner.

6. Coaching in the new job

Many dozens of executives have already found a new destination for their professional lives through QUIST. They have grown personally and professionally. Once you find your new destination our coaches will remain by your side for the first six months to support you in your onboarding.